Why Baker and Wick are the Right Divorce Attorneys for You

If you are going through a separation or divorce – whether you are just starting to consider it or papers have already been filed – the attorneys at Baker and Wick understand what you are going through. They understand the need for strong, forceful representation, ensuring that your interests are protected, but without introducing unnecessary contention or delay, or unnecessarily increasing costs. Regardless of whether you are the one initiating the proceeding or were surprised by your spouse’s desire to separate, divorce can be an intensely emotional, difficult time. Baker and Wick, located in Columbus, Ohio, have the expertise and experience necessary to help you carefully consider your options and to protect both your short-term and long-term interests.

Baker and Wick will help you understand the laws in the State of Ohio, including the best process to choose in terminating your marriage.  They will help you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of various avenues for pursuing a divorce, including mediation, collaborative law, dissolution of marriage, or adversarial divorce proceedings in court, and which one is right for your particular situation.

Baker and Wick will also help you think through and address the myriad of questions that you may not have thought about. One of the most difficult is often who should keep the primary residence and who should move out.  The attorneys at Baker and Wick will help you understand the process and options for each situation. Baker and Wick will also help you determine which assets and liabilities are considered “marital” and subject to division during divorce, and which are “separate” and not subject to division, such as gifts, inheritance, and assets acquired prior to the marriage.  The attorneys will also assist you in determined whether you or your spouse would likely be entitled to spousal support (commonly referred to as “alimony”).

If you have children, Baker and Wick will help you resolve difficult issues surrounding custody and support. For instance, many divorcing parents do not initially understand that there is a difference between physical custody – which specifies who the child actually lives with – and legal custody, which specifies who can make decisions for the child with respect to significant issues such as health, education, and religion. Baker and Wick will not only guide you in determining whether to seek joint or sole custody but will also advise you as to the issues of child support and other financial concerns related to your children.  Even if you and your spouse believe you will not have any issues in co-parenting your children, there are many other issues you may not have thought about that an experienced attorney will help you navigate, such as: Where your children will spend vacations and holidays;  The potential tax consequences related to the division of finances; and whether or not private school tuition or college expenses can or will be part of the final orders.  You need divorce attorneys you can trust and count on.  Baker and Wick will carefully guide you through the entire process with the utmost emotional and legal understanding.