Why Should Baker and Wick Be Your First Call if You Are Looking to Hire a Dissolution Attorney in Upper Arlington, Ohio?


Not all dissolutions go smoothly, and couples may find themselves in difficult situations. When this happens, one option is to look for a dissolution of marriage attorney. Whether the end of your marriage through a dissolution is straightforward or complicated, you will  need an experienced lawyer who will serve as a strong advocate for you and help you navigate you through the dissolution process in the most efficient way possible. Attorneys Amanda Baker and Kelly Wick are experienced and caring attorneys ready to help residents of Upper Arlington, Ohio through the dissolution process.  The following are some reasons why you should choose Baker and Wick to represent you in your dissolution.

Experienced Dissolution Lawyers

Dissolutions aren’t always a simple matter that you can leave in the hands of amateurs. Baker and Wick understand that things can quickly become messy and overwhelming, especially in cases concerning child custody and support.  Amanda Baker and Kelly Wick have over 30 years of combined experience dealing with the most complex cases regarding property, children and other issues that may delay your case. They take a caring and creative approach when dealing with complex legal issues to ensure their clients get the attention and focus their case deserves.

Your Comfort is Priority

At Baker and Wick, the first priority is establishing trust. The lawyers understand that you need someone you can trust to settle your case and ensure you get the best possible outcome. Baker and Wick will handle your case in the most compassionate and professional manner possible.

Former Client Testimonials

Did you know that most of Baker and Wick’s customers come from previous client’s referrals? Former clients regularly refer their friends and family because of their positive experiences working with Amanda Baker and Kelly Wick. Read what their previous clients from Upper Arlington and surrounding neighborhoods have to say about the legal services they received at Baker and Wick on their website.

Baker and Wick will be your last stop in your search for a dissolution attorney in Upper Arlington, Ohio. With so much at stake, including your children and assets, Baker and Wick is your best solution to those complex issues. Call (614) 362-3266 today and let the experienced lawyers at Baker and Wick handle your case and get you the outcome you deserve.