Why Hire Baker And Wick To Help You With Your Legal Separation In Columbus, Ohio?

Separation Attorney in Columbus, OhioThe respected law firm of Baker and Wick is located in Columbus, Ohio. The firm serves clients throughout the city and its surrounding suburbs and counties. The firm focuses in the area of family law, representing clients in matters that include divorce, dissolution, child custody, legal separation, property division, child support and spousal support. Additionally, the firm focuses in matters of civil protection orders and domestic violence, paternity suits, and premarital/prenuptial agreements. Baker and Wick demonstrates only the highest levels of professional and ethical standards to every client they represent. The partners of the firm are Amanda Baker, Esq. and Kelly Wick, Esq. Both attorneys bring a vast amount of legal expertise and have years of experience in family law matters, having both started their careers working for Family Law Judges in Franklin County, Ohio. Their combined years of practice exceeds 27 years.

All of the legal matters that encompass family law can be extremely complex, including that of legal separation. It is a time that is stressful and full of anguish for a client, and Baker and Wick consistently provides the most effective legal counsel and responsible representation. Amanda Baker and Kelly Wick are highly skilled litigators who are also committed to negotiating favorable settlements.

The attorneys are also highly dedicated to the clients they represent. They commit to a timely response to inquiries, thereby minimizing any additional undue stress on the client while waiting for a question to get answered. The client can also be assured he or she will receive fair and accurate billing methods.  In The attorneys conduct business with integrity and they offer responsible, effective advice and advocacy. They are both members of the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys.

When an individual is facing a legal family matter such as a legal separation or other type of family law matter, it is frequently for the first time (and hopefully last time) in his or her life. He or she will be best represented by a law firm that specializes in the practice of family law. Baker and Wick are dedicated practitioners who focus in this area of the law all day, every day. They will expertly bring your case to settlement with their years of experience on your side.

Amanda Baker earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree at Miami University, from where she graduated in 1997. She went on to attend Capital University Law School, and there she achieved her Juris Doctor in 2007. Kelly Wick attended The Ohio State University and received her Bachelor of Science degree in 2004. She achieved her Juris Doctor in 2007, also as a graduate of Capital University Law School. Both attorneys began their legal careers working as staff attorneys to Franklin County, Ohio Domestic and Juvenile Judges.  The attorneys worked for several years together as employees of another firm before happily deciding to begin their own firm, Baker and Wick, in early 2017.