How can the stress of quarantine due to Covid-19 lead to divorce in Columbus, Ohio?

COVID19 in Columbus, Ohio

Not only has COVID-19 had a profound effect on Ohio’s economy, but it has also impacted Ohio’s families. With the outbreak of the virus, many families are forced to adjust to a “new normal” in quarantine.  Before COVID-19, one or both spouses worked outside of the home and the kids went to school during the week. With the Stay-at-Home order, many couples and families are now spending all their time at home together. Many spouses who promised “till death do us part” never thought that meant spending every second with their partner. As a result of this added unforeseen stress, some couples may be considering divorce.

What Are Possible Additional Sources of Contention?


Financial strain is a major issue that can lead to divorce. With Ohio’s current economic situation, many couples are finding themselves more stressed about their financial situation and the unknown future implications, especially if one or both have lost their jobs. This stress can lead to shame, blaming and arguments that otherwise would not have occurred.

Spending too much time together

No relationship is perfect. Even before the pandemic, most spouses could tell you about their partner’s small annoying habits. Now that couples are spending so much time together, these small habits may turn into big problems. A couple may find that they have grown apart or have nothing in common. This realization can be difficult for many couples who may have once thought they were meant for each other.


Couples with children may find they have additional stress about caring for the kids full-time. They may find that they have very different tolerances and methods when it comes to parenting. Spouses may struggle with transitioning to a home-schooling environment, or simply with feeling that they will never have alone-time again. Adding this stress on top of everything else may make a bad situation feel even worse

Is Divorce the Answer

With the added stress of these uncertain times it may feel like there is no longer any love or trust in your marriage, or like your spouse is constantly getting on your nerves. If this is the case, some couples may be considering divorce as an option. If you are seriously considering divorce, call Baker and Wick today to talk to a trusted divorce attorney. Our Columbus divorce attorneys can walk you through the process and decide if divorce is right for you.